Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Got a Minute for God?

It's a good question to ask! My day today was filled with email, phone calls, business and personal errands, shopping, and no time at all for writing. Finding quiet time alone with God this morning was a challenge. My husband and I ended up reading a few devotionals and praying briefly in between phone calls. How about you? It's not usually like this, but as Ruth Bell Graham put it, "If the devil can't make you bad, he'll make you busy!"

What's your day like today? Why not take a minute right now, only 60 seconds, and think about all God's goodness in your life. Has He given you a fresh start, protected you or someone you love from serious illness (My husband had a major heart attack about 18 months ago and is perfectly well today.), taken you through difficult financial times, or discouragement? Why not thank Him? Whatever you're facing right now, ask God for what you need. It's a great way to start over.
Blessings to you,


Anonymous said...

Virelle: I'm not sure how this whole BLOG thing works, but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and sharing time with you in Pleasanton. Patti is just the best friend...wouldn't you agree? It has been crazy around home since I returned but I came home with a sense of who I am and how I fit into the BIGGER picture. God is so good and so patient! Please drop me a note when you find the time. XXOOXX Irvinia

Anonymous said...

Today I feel that a great weight has been lifted from me.

My lovely husband of 10 years has been very ill for several months now.

He has been depressed and agressive and really not his usual self. All because of unremmitting pain in his shoulders and back.

For the last 5 weeks he has been unable to climb the stairs and has been sleeping on our sitting room floor with me on the sofa next to him.

Extensive tests proved inconclusive. Although they showed he didn't have ms, cancer, muscular distrophy or lupus for which we give thanks to God, neither did they offer any explanation for the disabling chronic pain he has been (and still is) experiencing.

I have been weighed down by the enormity of holding down a demanding full time job, caring for my husband and keeping things as normal as possible for a lively 7 year old.

We live away from family, and work colleagues, though sympathetic have no idea what its like to overnight loose your healthy husband and gain a frail invalid with debilitating pain.

My biggest cross has been walking out of the door for work at 7.30 am knowing he would be on his own all day until I returned at 6pm. What kind of a wife am I to do that?

I know God does not send us any more than we can bear but at times I have just felt like screaming in frustration at not being able to do anything for him except dispense yet more soporific painkellers.

Physiotherapy made no difference and the physio and the physician disagreed about the cause of the pain.

And all the time his employer is breathing down our necks about him returning to work, with the spectre of him loosing his employment hanging over us

This morning we seemed no further on.

An MRI scan was arranged for this evening and I took the brunt of OH's frustration this morning as we set out to see the physician - what was the possible point without the results of the MRI? Why had I not cancelled the appointment as it would be useless.?

I don't care how much he shouts at me if we find a way to help him be pain free.

Well, where I am leading to is we actually got a definitive diagnosis this morning.
1 test result was still outstanding and the Doctor had the result today - it seems he is severely deficient in vitamin D.

It doesn't sound like much but at last we have a reason why he is in so much pain.

I have done a lot of crying over the last few weeks. God forgive me for wallowing in self pity. I do actually think depression is an illness so I know I will forgive myself in time as Jesus already has.

Today though I haven't cried until I sat and wrote this. Because God has answered my prayers and now we know what is causing the problem we can treat it and start OH on the road to recovery

My head is in a spin and lol I can't even remember my password so I will have to leave an anonymous comment.