Saturday, March 28, 2009

Doin’ Life

It isn’t every day you drive home a new car, but that’s what happened in the Kidder household today. We took the bait – a super sale where we’d leased our present Honda CRV (a honey of a car). Sadly, two years isn’t nearly long enough to own a car. Cars become like family members to us. Turning it now in felt like taking a puppy to the dog shelter: unnatural. Almost immoral. But that’s what we did.

Feeling an urge to go green, we’d planned on leasing the new Honda hybrid, the Insight. I even liked the name. Steve liked the mileage. We both liked the ride, but not the price.

“Want to look at an Accord?” our favorite salesman, Mike, asked.

“Sure, why not?”

You got it. The first one we sat it called our name. Even the color, a romantic Basque Red Pearl, sounded sexy. Mileage is good, but not 43 MPG like the Insight. And it’s the basic LX model, with minimal bells and whistles. But we loved it. And the price? Just right, like Goldilocks and little Bear’s bed.

As the blue Honda CRV was driven away, we waved good-bye to a good friend, then sniffed the new car aroma of the little red pearl. This one we’ll enjoy a whole three years. After months of sadness over Susan’s illness and death, it felt good to celebrate a bit.

Even so, I’m learning life’s celebrations come in unexpected ways. Big ones, like a new baby born, or the five women who received Christ as Savior last weekend when I spoke in Clifton Park, NY, are forever recorded in Heaven. But small ones, too, evidence God’s love, things like cards of condolence from dear friends, the red flash of a cardinal darting across the road, or the smile of a friend at church tonight and her words, “I’ve been praying for you.” Love gifts from the Father’s hand.

How’s your life been lately, my friend? Why not write and tell me? Please know how much you mean to me.

His best to ewe,


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