Sunday, December 27, 2009

A New Year Dawning - What's Up with That?

With a full moon hung in the sky on New Year’s Eve, we will all turn in one direction or another as 2010 rolls in. Frankly, it’s my favorite time of the year. Here are some of my goals, prayers, and hopes for the New Year:

· I want to treat everyone like I would treat Jesus if He walked in the room, which He is already.

· I want to love more, in small ways and big, and open my heart wide to God’s love. I’ve missed a lot of it over the years.

· I want to treat my body and time like I’d handle a huge trust fund.

· With God’s help and personal discipline, I want to finish my first murder mystery this spring.

· A new retreat is in the works, “Reaching for God’s Best, based on The Best Life Ain’t Easy (Moody, 2008). I’ll need to complete that for Women of Grace in Canada in June.

· Lisa Troyer and I are teaming up in ministry this year with her new worship CD to accompany Meet Me at the Well. Jocelyn Hamsher has co-written a 13-week Bible study to launch in January. We are excited as we do our first two retreats in Jan/Feb. Moody radio stations and others will air an hour long radio special with Wayne Shepherd, Lisa and me in the next few weeks. Check it out at

· I want to be Steve’s best girlfriend, fishing buddy, and friend. Together we hope to support our kids, grandkids, and friends in prayer. Family and friends are super important, so planning time to be together is tops on our list in 2010.

· I don’t want to waste a moment of this life complaining about anything or anybody. Hold me to that, will you? How about doing the same?Write back and share your own list! In the meantime, reach only for God’s best.

May His hand on your shoulder and His Word in your heart guide you daily.


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