Thursday, March 11, 2010

Five good things about a rotten day

It's raining in Florida. Big time. We've had tornados carried by the western winds all afternoon and evening, possible water spouts on the ocean, and enough lightning and thunder to turn off the television and drag out heavy duty flash lights. Cancelled plans, no nice walk today, all added up to a potentially rotten day.
Actually, I love days like this. Rain is romantic, perfect for music and cooking, writing letters, and reading novels. But today was a little different. Looking back over the past twelve sodden hours, there were five special things I loved about this rainy, otherwise "rotten" day:
1. The only appointment I kept was a routine doctor's appointment this morning just before the heaven's opened. It was nostalgic running through puddles in and out of the building like I did as a barefoot kid long ago. Puddles can be fun even in your sixties.
2. Changing plans forced me to be creative about how I used my time. What could I do in about an hour that I seldom make time for? Baking? No, then I'll eat it. I decided on some quick mending and ironing to perk up my wardrobe. A job I'd neglected felt wonderful completed.
3. A phone call from a new friend inviting me to see a condo for sale across the street turned into a happy adventure. When it poured on the way home, she drove me fifty yards through the rain, laughing like kids.
4. Scrapping plans to eat out, Steve and I lit candles all around the house, heated up leftovers and watched a taped show of "White Collar." Fun!
5. Heading to bed now early to curl up with my new Kindle and enjoy Melody Carlson's latest novel.
All in all, a great day. But if it rains tomorrow, I'm working on my novel and heading for the movies afterward.
How do you make the best out of a "rotten" day?

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Harvest Hands Los Anonos said...

Yes, I love rotten days too. Here in Costa Rica we have been in the dry season when it never rains. I am very much looking forward to the rainy season, when we have to get everything done in the morning. Afternoons are a little more laid back when it's raining.
Nice post!