Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer's Tales

Hi, friends,

You can see by the date of my last post that we were away all summer. Those eight weeks held great welcomes, renewed friendships, and sorrows, too.

Here's a quick peek at our news: Our son David and his wife Jose welcomed their third little boy on August 5th. Here are big brothers Jack (4 1/2) and Stephen (3) holding new baby Lucas Alexander Zeilstra Kidder on his first day of life. What a joy!

The same week, my college roommates held a day long celebration in New York City after 44 years of being apart. Well, actually,I was the only one really apart. Thanks to Gail, Gayle, Janet, and Ceil, I'm now "found" and looking forward to seeing them again next year or sooner. What a shame to lose track of those so dear to us. I'm forever grateful to my terrific roommates for finding me and making me feel so welcome. You can't imagine how much talking it took to catch up! None of us, of course, had changed much in that time. Ahem! Take a peek:

Last, on August 28th we said good bye to Steve's dear mom, 94, who entered heaven just hours past her 72nd anniversary. Dad, at 97, was continually at her side. What a love they shared, and such an example of family life to us! I've been so blessed to have such loving in-laws. We'll miss GrandmaLu greatly, as will all our kids.

We limped home after Lucas's birth as my husband severely injured his back on the trip. Now, I'm happy to report, he is feeling much better and receiving treatment here in Florida. I'm about to begin work on two new book proposals and my long delayed novel.

Hugs and blessings to you!

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