Saturday, December 11, 2010

Give a Priceless Gift

Hi, friends,
The best gifts don’t have to cost a cent. It's true!

Want to give someone you love a priceless gift this Christmas? I've received lots of them over the years, but here is the story one of the best.

I was housebound with bronchitis over Christmas not that many years ago, unable to join the family in anything fun. We had a huge snowfall one night, blanketing our yard in at least a foot of perfect new snow. While I rested on the couch, my husband Steve built a fire in the woodstove, lighted the tree and went outside to gather more wood. Suddenly, I heard him knocking on the family room window, beckoning me to look outside, where he’d made me a beautiful angel in the snow. I saw him smiling though the falling snow, and cried with gratefulness for this surprise love gift.

Here's a picture of it. I hope you can see it. That gorgeous angel (It really was!) remained in the snow all through Christmas week reminding our whole family that real love is all about giving yourself to others in little ways and big ways. A snow angel doesn't cost a cent, but it does cost love and thoughtfulness, and a fun spirit of creativity.

Small gestures of thoughtfulness and love, especially the gifts of time and listening, remain as forever gifts in our memory. You are probably thinking of some you can give right now!

I’ve got an idea! Let’s conspire by the fire to give more of those priceless gifts this year – the kind that are pure gold to give and receive.

Enjoy your Christmas! May it be filled with the selfless love of Christ!

John 3:16

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