Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Texting I Can Live With

Here's the deal: I'm not a big fan of texting. When someone is speaking at a conference, or during worship in church, or while on the phone or computer, texting is uncommonly rude. My 2 cents. I'm fine with texting quietly any other time. But not when our attention is to be given to others. Especially God. Imagine saying, "Excuse me, Jesus. I have a couple of texts here I need to read first. I'll get right back to you.In fact, I'll send you a text, How'd that be?"

"A double minded man or woman is unstable in all his ways...."

So here's my current problem. I just added texting to my new phone. Granted, I was dragged kicking into it. Sort of. But now I have a dilemma - how NOT to be a hypocrite about this worldwide obsession called texting. With my toe in the ring about 48 hours, I'd love to hear from you about your own boundaries regarding texting, for you or your kids.

Here's what I hope to do:
1. Save text messages until it's a private time to read them, just like voice mail.
2. Try to give others my full attention even when a text comes in.
3. Not irritate others with constant messages.
4. REalize it's no sin to answer later.
5. Never listen to others on the phone or in person when my cell or keyboard are in my lap demanding my attention.
6. Use the English language as its meant to be used.
Pray I can do that. Now don't all text me at once!

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