Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Love to You!

Merry Christmas, friends!

We just returned from a week in cold New York visiting our son David and his wife, Jose, and two little boys, Jack and Stephen, for Thanksgiving. What happy times we had with them, celebrating Jack's third birthday, listing to his observations about Thanksgiving ("I'm thankful for Stephen."), hearing 18 month old Stephen tap his grandpa on the cheek and say, "Papa" so lovingly. Does it get any better?

It was fun being in their home for the first time at Thanksgiving, enjoying the loving atmosphere, plus having our daughter Amy join us. Over the top family times. The day beforehand we visited my 95 year old mother in her nursing home in Albany, NY and had a grand visit together. God fills my life with more good than bad. I'm grateful for that.

During difficult times (and who doesn't have them?), it's easy to forget God's goodness. While rereading Psalm 103 recently, I realized how true each verse is in my own life. When I began thanking God for each blessing listed, it amazed me how much I take for granted every day. So many gifts of His goodness fill my plate today. Can you count your own? Maybe during this Christmas season we could each thank God out loud at the beginning and end of our day for all the ways He's showed us His love, beginning with Jesus as our real, true, forever Savior.

I remember the first Christmas after I'd asked Jesus into my heart being in church and realizing for the first time what the words in the carols meant. Wow! They were no longer holiday songs, but celebrations bursting in my heart of the new reality of knowing Jesus as my Savior and Lord. Have you felt the same way, too? Did you know God's greatest desire is for you to know Him personally, to entire His forever family completely cleansed from sin? Because of Jesus' death on the cross for each one of us, we can be fully forgiven and welcomed into God's family. Take a moment and read John 5: 24 today. Invite Jesus to be your Savior and Lord this Christmas. He's the best gift you'll ever receive.

His Best to you!

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Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

It is so true! Sitting in church Sunday morning, I noticed an older lady who is at all 3 services every Sunday morning (we have a "traditional" service and 2 contemporary services every Sunday, same sermon just different praise and worship). She is on oxygen and brings an extra "tank" so that she can make it through all 3 services from what I have been told. It dawned on me that sometimes I grumble about having to rush to make it to ONE service on time when in reality I should be thanking God for every single breath that I can take unassisted by medical technology! From breathing to family to home to transportation to friends and most of all for His grace and our salvation we could thank all day long and not get through 1/2 of the blessings yet we find it so hard sometimes to say "thank You" for anything...Thank you sweet Virelle for the reminder to be thankful for every little blessing :)
I am so happy you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! If I don't get back to your blog before then, Merry Christmas to you and yours!