Friday, September 26, 2008

Celebrate With Me!!

Hi, friends,
This is a day to celebrate! My new book, The Best Life Ain't Easy, But it's Worth It will release October 1 with Moody Press. Want to take a peek at my new video trailer on Youtube? I thought you would. Just click this address:

The Best Life Ain't Easy is the most personal, honest, reflective story I've ever told and it's all about God's patience and persistent love in my life. It reads like a novel. I was ecstatic when Jerry Jenkins said he couldn't put it down. I hope you'll find a copy soon and read it. Please write me and let me know what you think. You might also win a signed copy, as I'll choose names right here on my blog for gift copies. Just write me at to enter the drawing. Mark the subject line "blog giveaway."

Next, "Virelle & Friends: Let's Get Real" will launch at the same time. It's an exciting newsletter just for women, published about five or six times a year. The most real women I know will join us, authors and experts, novelists and writers, doers and dreamers. I hope you'll find it a must read and pass it on to your friends. If you'd like to be on my mailing list (never shared), please hop over to and sign up.

In mid-September I had the joy of speaking at Cooperstown Bible Camp in North Dakota, one of the most beautiful places you could imagine. Just a hint of autumn made this Florida girl feel good. Best of all, we had a larger than expected attendance and God showed up! He watered each of our souls and bonded us as sisters in just three days. What a privilege it is to meet freely in His Name and share our faith openly.

I'll look forward to getting to know each of you in the weeks and months to come. Visit my website to sign up for "Virelle & Friends" and leave a comment or a question for me.
God's best to you today!


Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

Oh wow! What an amazing compliment from Jerry Jenkins!!!! I am still working on getting "Meet Me at the Well" and now I have another to add to that list of must haves! I was just telling my husband the other day that I needed to find a book that "gets" me...I have read so many biblically based books and they almost always find just that point that I need that day. Your books are next on my list! I am so happy you blogged and that it sounds as though God is just pouring out His blessing and love on you! Isn't it amazing how much He loves us?! It is crazy madness how much He can love us ALL the time :)
Praying you have a SUPER blessed week!

Barbara J. Robinson said...

I took a peek, and it sounds like me. Your new book Meet Me at the Well sounds great. I'm getting ready to take the Journeyman class with the Christian Writers Guild. I've completed the Apprentice class with Eva Marie as my writing mentor. I'm looking forward to learning more in the next class. I've had 10 devotionals published this year, since taking the first class.

I hope you're refreshed.