Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Things Still Happen!

Hi, friends,
It's a rare day for any of us to anticipate good things ahead all day, but that's how my day is shaping up, and I hope yours, too. It began at 7 AM watching the sunrise golden against a mauve sky, then breakfast and coffee in bed, followed by a good long walk praying and praising God. I'm always amazed God lets me live another day. Think of it.

You might imagine a writer's life is full of excitement. Quite the opposite is true. More often it's full of quiet hours of business, frustration with handling filing and details, combing through email and correspondence, meeting deadlines, and tracking our slim progress before any actual writing begins. Then the plague of flies arrives to buzz around my brain with doubts, interruptions, phone calls, and difficulty staying on task. That used to send me to the kitchen for a snack, now I head more often to the library for a quiet study room and a few hours of creativity.

That's why today is so special. I'm leaving in a few hours to speak to the Orlando Word Weavers Writer's group, a singular honor. It was begun by my good friend Eva Marie Everson, and is now led by full-time writer Larry Leech. I'm so excited to share my story, "One Writer's Life" with this group of men and women I so admire. If you live in the Orlando area, I hope you'll join us.

In addition to today's fun, I had a great interview recently on Momlogic, which is an arm of Time Warner. Take a look. If you know of someone who might want to see it, please pass it on. The link is:


I hope your day is back to back blessings, too. When you think of it, just waking up and having another day to serve God is pretty exciting. Drop me a line and share your good things, too!
His Best to You!

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