Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ever seen a pink full moon?

I wish I'd had a camera the other night as my husband Steve and I stood on the boardwalk of the Indian River Lagoon in Fort Pierce, Fl after a wonderful dinner at Cobb's Landing. Amazing. Suddenly, this pale pink full moon rose through the clouds like a rose in bloom. We were stunned by its beauty. I've seen an orange harvest moon in NY, full of brazen glory, but nothing like this. To the north of it were the densest thunder clouds you've ever seen, black as a wool blanket. We'd never have seen the moon rise that night if we'd stayed home, just forty minutes to our north. But here on the literal edge of night, God made a spectacle of beauty rising like hope next to the storm.
Like you, our lives often skirt big storms, sometimes landing right in them. We have a very black one right now in our family with a deathly diagnosis for my husband's mother. It's awful to see the darkness gaining on her, and on us all. But here is hope tonight rising for real in my heart like that rare pink moon. I know this is not all there is. Life has more. God has more of His goodness and mercy to give. And the darkness cannot overcome it. I'm sure of it.

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