Friday, October 22, 2010

Aren't Words Amazing?

My husband and I came home the other day to a blinking message on our phone. A pleasant female voice said, "Mr. Kidder, this is Dr. Van's office reminded you of your appointment tomorrow morning at 10:30. Please come a few minutes early to fill out some paperwork, and we request that you not wear any clothes."

"What did she say?" Steve said. "I don't believe it. She told me not to wear clothes!"

"Play it again," I said. "Has to be a mistake." So we did. Four times. No mistake. By that time we were bending over howling with laughter.

"Think I should go with you this time? You may need me to hold a sheet around you." Maybe back doctors like to get started right away!

When the appointment came, the nurse explained she'd said, "no cologne."

Ah, yes, the power of words. Think of the most embarrassing thing you've ever said. Write it down and get a good laugh at yourself. Hey, share it with me! I always love a chuckle. Maybe my readers will, too, if you say OK.

Words can build, or tear down, can't they? Encourage us or wound our spirits. Today I'm asking God to help me use words that offer love and encouragement. How about you?

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