Saturday, October 30, 2010

Preparing for November

I had to face a tough job today, one I've put off a year or more. Maybe several years. Today I cleaned out my office closet and file drawers in preparation for the next month's work. I'm preparing to jump into a new writing project on Monday. Getting my office ready was necessary, even exciting, but sad.

Gone are the past twenty years of correspondence with editors, authors, and publicists, old tax receipts, rejection letters, and a few scrawled words of encouragement I've saved forever. Hard to part with them, but in the small space we now call home, file space is pricey realty. In an equal trade, my husband took over an entire file drawer, and I took over the writing desk. I'm deliriously happy! So is he.

What's happening Monday? It's November 1st, the opening day of novel season at NANOWRIMO! Three of us in our critique group are accepting the challenge to complete a full 50,000 word novel in a month. On Nov. 30 I hope to be finished and sending in my completed piece. What's the prize? The completed draft I've been longing to finish for the past four years. When that's done, I'll do a happy dance.

By the way, it's a murder mystery. Stay tuned. I'll give you updates on how it's going. I might even give you a few hints about the characters and the plot. In fact, you can help me title it on the last week. How's that?
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