Monday, November 08, 2010

How do you spell fun? NANOWRIMO

What is THAT? National Novel Writing Month, that's what! And I'm up to 10, 465 words tonight. Yee haw! I already have a dead young woman on the beach (very sad), a young journalist named Maddie with a big dream and a HUGE problem, an older buddy and mentor named Lil who is not too old to help her solve a crime, and Jack, her handsome grandson professor ready to move in and take over. The heat turns up fast when Maddie discovers her efforts to rescue the victim now make her a potential suspect. Oh, dear! I'm glued to my computer. Haven't had this big a thrill since I went down a 9 story water slide at Disney Typhoon Lagoon! I'll keep you updated once a week. Can't wait to get into the next few chapters to see what happens next!


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