Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friends, Fans, and Fun!

Something like this should happen to everyone! Out of the blue, my friend Mary (on the left above) delivered a lovely invitation to me. I was invited to a "Thank you, Virelle" luncheon the following week. Imagine that? Every woman needs one of these!

When I arrived, Carol's house was full of flowers, beauty, smiles, and new friends! At every place setting was this creative, beautiful salad, which I'm sure is meant to look like me. Notice the blonde cheddar hair and asparagus upstretched arms! Wow! The table was laden with fruit, flowers, food, and love. I'm enriched and over-thanked.

These dear women have been reading my books, especially Meet Me at the Well, and The Best Life Ain't Easy sharing their stories and insights with one another daily. How blessed I was listening to them, hearing their hearts, and feeling such deep encouragement. One question touched me, did I ever cry when I wrote? Yes, many times, and laughed, remembered, prayed and praised God for His outcomes, His story, His song that emerged. It's all about Him, isn't it? Everything we say and do. God sees His child with love.

A "Thank You" lunch is a bit of Heaven given to someone. Got a friend who needs one today? I'll never forget it.

Thanks for being there, for reading my books, and for your sincere friendship!


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