Sunday, March 06, 2011

Real or Plastic?

Hi, friends,

Recently I listened to a few of my friends describe the kind of women they loved to spend time with. One said her best buddies were not all Christians, but were real people. Another agreed instantly, saying, “I’m tired of plastic women who are so concerned with how they look and the impression they make on others. I want the real deal in a friend!"

100% agreed! Do you feel the same way? Know what scares me? I wonder, have others seen me as plastic when I’ve taken extra care to have my nails done, worn a favorite outfit, and told only positive things about my life, or (gasp!) boasted about something? The thought makes me cringe.

Among the best gifts God has given me are several friends who offer me perfect freedom to be myself. It’s mutual. Confident they will tell me the truth every time, I feel totally comfortable sharing prayer requests, revealing my own failures, dreams, or struggles and anxieties, knowing I’m still loved and accepted by them. Real friends are unguarded, open and honest, easy to confess to, and gentle in their advice. What a treasure!

Do you have friends like that who are real and not plastic? I trust so. If not, refuse your inner plastic counterpart and ask God for real friends you can always trust. Just like Jesus.

On the same lap,


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