Sunday, February 27, 2011

Virelle: Off the Cuff: The Best of Times, and ....well, you know the rest.

Virelle: Off the Cuff: The Best of Times, and ....well, you know the rest.

The Best of Times, and ....well, you know the rest.

Hi, Friends,

Remember how it felt when the prom finally arrived? You've chosen your dress, or your mother made it like mine did, done everything within your power to clear up your skin, done your nails, practiced a few dance steps and smiling in the mirror, and the day finally arrived! That's how I felt when Moody Founder's Week arrived. I have seldom been so excited to speak, so prayed up, well prepared and ready to go.

And then the blizzard of the century came! No matter! My plane arrived just moments before the worst hit, and I was happily tucked in by the fire at my hotel when all those poor people on Lake Shore Drive were slowing to a halt in their cars. Two days later I was chaufferred to the event, greeted by the amazing Moody team you see here (Cal Robinson, Carmel Swift, musician Lisa Troyer, and Brenda McCord), and ushered into a gorgeous auditorium. Then it hit. Some sort of stomach flu. My worst nightmare.

This couldn't be happening! I made it through the first session, feeling horrible. But ten minutes into the second session, I had to leave the platform briefly to handle my now impending doom. "Oh, God, help me!" I prayed. Lisa Troyer stepped up to the platform and played a 4 1/2 minute song, during which the Lord provided me just enough time in the ladies room to be able to return and finish my message.

May this never happen to you! But if it does, may you have God's enormous grace on your side, and His beautiful servants nearby, as I did. Two women came to know Christ at that event, and many heard His voice of comfort and healing, in spite of my calamity.

I am going to remember this. No matter how excited I am about an event, it's best to keep the mind of a servant God can use any way He wants. Even if He takes me through my worst nightmare. I can't thank Brenda McCord and Carmel Swift enough for deftly caring for me without drawing attention to my illness, and Lisa Troyer for being my good friend.

Blessings on your day. May all your surprises be good ones!