Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is life passing you by?

We've had three deaths in our family this year, the most recent happened last night when my bother-in-law, Louis Artfich, died in his son's arms of congestive heart failure. He was only 67. His wife, my dear sister-in-law Susan, died 2 1/2 years ago of cancer. Huge losses! Now their son, a grad student in Philadelphia, will have to do life alone as a young man. It saddens me deeply.

And yet I know Psalm 139 is true. There is an appointed time for each of us to literally "come to the end of our rope," our life rope. But guess who is holding the other end? God Himself. He loves each of us before we are even conceived. Read that Psalm today and ask yourself, "What on this earth am I doing with my life?" Nothing matters more. How you and I live our days out, filled with nonsense business half the time, dragging an often lame faith behind us, is foolish.

Want to change that? Make your life count for something? Make it count eternally for God's kingdom by living intentionally for Christ. Walk each day in newness of life, directed by His Holy Spirit. Invite Christ into your life if you haven't yet. If you have, never be satisfied with the little you and I know of Christ yet. Press on to know Him better, bring Him joy, and seek His will.

Then, each day will be a joyful investment in eternity. God will lead you with His joy, His strength each day, equipping you with everything you need to do His will. Then, when the end of our days arrives, it will be a joy to run into the arms of Jesus, Home at last! That's what I want. Will you join me?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's been awhile...

We haven't "talked" since summer. Where on earth have I been? Here are a few places:
  • at the doctor's office many times with my dear husband who came home from Hawaii super sick. Good news is he's fine now, two months, three rounds of antibiotics, and one root canal later.
  • traveling to see all our kids and grand kids, plus my mom, and attend a memorial luncheon for my dear aunt.
  • Speaking in Punxatawny, PA with Lisa Troyer (who was also sick) to a fabulous group of women at the Punxatawney First Church of God.
  • Speaking at Camp Pinnacle near our home town in Albany, New York for their Fall Ladies' Retreat. My daughter, Amy, came as my prayer warrior and helper. She was awesome.
  • Enjoying a couple of extended visits from my brother Roger from Omaha. Such a joy!
What's next?
  • Relishing Thanksgiving with my husband at our church, serving 1500 wonderful folks from our community. We are called "embracers." Love that name. It means we get to greet people and help them feel comfortable, something I want to do in Heaven someday.
  • I'm speaking in the Chicago Area for Christ Church Lake Forest on December 4 for their Christmas Tea. We have two seatings! Can't wait! I hope I'll see you there. Watch my FB page for details.
Have a marvelous Thanksgiving listing the many ways God has blessed your life this year. If you can't think of any, read Psalm 103.

Love to you!