Saturday, October 20, 2012

I had a couple of fun memories of Roger and me as kids. One was my favorite game when I was about six or so. As a perennial cowgirl, I fantasized about living on Dale Evans and Roy Roger's ranch. Roger, at 10,  would fulfill my imagination by taking all four maple dining room chairs and arranging them by two's on his twin sized bed and covering them with a blanket. I'd get inside with some sort of belt or tie for my reins and drive my "stagecoach" with yelps and "giddy-aps" while he shook the bed violently from the sides and front, making "horse whinnies" and trying to overturn my stagecoach. Thankfully, that never happened, as we'd have been marched to the jail house for sure. My mother, and possibly my dad, put up with this nonsense and noise with a rare benevolence on a weekend afternoon. Those rare times stand among my favorite memories. 

Here we are sixty years later with a lot of our life road traveled, but our times together are still a treat.

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